CapTel Workers Union distributes cookies on Valentine’s Day

On Valentine’s Day some members of the union distributed cookies frosted to say $15.

One of the union members was approached by HR and told he could not do this because it was solicitation. He said “no, it’s organizing” and was left alone.

FOS Nate was seen ripping up one of the placemats we made. Our placemats featured a picture of Helen Keller, a famous labor rights activist and member of the IWW. There can be no better illustration of the disgusting greed and hypocrisy that CapTel embodies than a member of admin shredding a photo of the deaf and blind woman they namedrop constantly while trying to garner positive PR.

The fact that CapTel could be so threatened by Valentine’s Day sugar cookies simply shows how scared they are of the union. They are right to be scared. Their lies, repression, and propaganda cannot keep the workers down.

We are going to win and they know it.

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