Interview with Debbie

This interview has been edited to remove information that could be used to identify other employees that were mentioned.

CWU: If you could change one thing about CapTel what would it be?

Definitely employee relations. They don’t take certain complaints seriously enough with people being creepy, and I don’t just mean CAs but also supervisors. One of my friends who I met through CapTel, apparently a supervisor was intimidating her and she talked to HR about it. Now he is an FOS. He was promoted. She has trauma from it.

HR does nothing about it. They don’t care. They care more about, “oh, he is a great employee.” It makes you feel like you don’t matter beyond being numbers. A friend told HR about a conflict she was having with another employee and they said “well, we aren’t here to make friends.” They did nothing to try to resolve it.

CWU: So the one thing you’d like to change would be how seriously the company takes harrassment?

Yes, absolutely.

CWU: Do you have a CapTel horror story?

I have been working there eight and a half years. Eight years in is when this started. I reported a guy to HR and they simply said that he wasn’t allowed to talk to me anymore. When HR switched over that note must have been lost or maybe they never even made a note because one day I go into a team meeting and we are in the same team meeting. He is sitting right across from me, staring at me, talking to me when he is not supposed to be. It made me so uncomfortable.

CWU: Why do you believe CapTel needs a union?

I believe that if we are together in numbers they won’t be able to ignore the things that are going on anymore. We will be able to share with each other the things that are happening and then we can come to CapTel and say this is happening with so many people, you need to take care of this.

I was afraid but I shouldn’t be afraid. I was thinking, “oh, I need CapTel,” but that’s what they want.

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